Rex and Vicky

Rex and Vicky
Happy forever!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Reunion 2010 St. Anthony, Idaho

Our entire family in a group picture taken in St. Anthony, Idaho. June 29, 2010.
Family photo taken in our family tee shirts: "Lewis Family 2010 - Just Doin It"

Home in St. Anthony, Idaho where we held our family reunion June 28, 2010 through July 5, 2010.

Vicky and Rex with grandchildren, except for Parker Lewis and Leila and Eva Lewis who were sleeping.

Heather, Vicky and Kali just as we were leaving the reunion.

Jaxon, Trey and Vicky in the picnic area.

Kevin, Ryan and Rex in front of the reunion home.

Diana, Makenzie, Garrett, Ryan, Ryker, Kali and Kevin hanging out in the kitchen.

Eva, Abby, Brock, Parker, Paige, Ryker, Kandace, and Leila. Loved the darling babies.

Vicky, Kali, Heather, Lance, Rex, Kevin, Ryan on our trip to the Rexburg Temple. Wonderful day!
The kids having fun on the dock of Snake River where we were boating.

Maci, Sycney, Paige, Abby, Makayla and Garrett riding in the boat, pulling the water weenie.

Gage, Jaxon, Ethan, Lance and Trey loving the boat ride.

Water weenie riders

Kyle, Kandace, Leila and Eva in Yellowstone Park.

Ty, Rhet, Cole and Brock Herrin in Yellowstone Park.

Trey, Daria, Jaxon and Kali Hathaway at Canyon Village overlook.

Lance, Diana, Ethan and Parker. Ethan did not want his picture taken.

Ryan, Vicky, Kali, and Ryker.

Jason, Romi, Paige, Abby and Sydney at our picnic spot in Yellowstone Park.

Kyle, Kandace, Eva and Leila enjoying a ride in Yellowstone Park.

Heather, Lisa, Romi, and Steve.

Daria, Kali, Diana, Kevin and Makenzie making a delicious lunch.

Ryan and Kyle in their neet family tee shirts.

Relaxing for a few minutes in Yellowstone Park. We had lots of looks and questions about our family tee shirts and the size of our family. What a great day we had in Yellowstone Park!

Kevin all decked out to be the "nerd tourist" we see each summer.

Vicky and Rex posing for a photo.

So grateful for a wonderful family: Kali, Kyle, Rex, Vicky, Lance, Lisa, Ryan and Romi.

Jason ready to eat a "Big Jud Special". He got his picture on the wall for eating this one pound burger.
Madison, Garrett, Makenzie, Makayla, Morgan, Gage and Ryan at Big Jud's.
Maci, Ty, Brock, Steve, Rhet, Cole and Lisa at Big Jud's. Great food!

Diana and Ethan loving the burger and fries at Big Jud's.

Lance feeding Parker. He isn't quite ready for Big Jud's yet. Maybe next time.

Kali, Ryker, Daria, Kevin, Drew and Jaxon waiting for their hamburgers.

Paige, Sydney, Romi, Jason and Abby just chillin' as they wait for their delicious burgers and then we all ate ice cream. Yum!
Kyle, Eva, Kandace and Leila ready for their hamburger and fries.

Field by our reunion home. There is a moose eating grass in the shadows back by the trees.

Some of the grandchildren having a great time riding down the blowup waterslide that Kevin brought. This facility was absolutely GREAT!
We had a talent show on Monday evening for our FHE. Rex conducted. Vicky shared a story about our forefathers appearing to Pres. Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple asking him to do their temple work. Each family then had some talent to perform.
Lance tried to get Ethan to do the "Three Little Pigs Story"
Lisa's family had Rhet and Maci play the piano.
Ryan's family had Morgan play the piano, Makenzie and Makayla played a duet, and Garrett played the piano.
Romi's family had Abby and Paige play the piano and Sydney did some gymnastics.
Kali's family sang some songs and did the actions that go with the songs.
Kyle tried to get Eva and Leila to show where their eyes were. Eva stuck her finger into her nose and we all had a nice laugh.
Vicky stook on her head, not bad for a 65 year old grandma.
Great evening!
Each night we gathered for Family Prayer. What a choice blessing!
Eating lunch as we were traveling to the reunion together. We always enjoy eating together. The food for the reunion was wonderful. Each couple planned and prepared a breakfast and a dinner. We had a lunch at Big Jud's and at Craigo's on two different days.
We arrived at the reunion on Monday, June 28 about 3:00 p.m.
Tuesday we played around the home, had lunch at Big Jud's and did family pictures in the evening. This was the only night where we had rain. It was thundering and lightning so we had to rush the pictures. Some of the pictures didn't turn out due to the dark skies.
Wednesday we spent the day in Yellowstone Park.
Thursday we went boating on the Snake River.
Friday some attended the Rexburg Idaho Temple, some went golfing, some went to visit BYU Idaho, ate lunch at Criago's and went to the movie "Eclipse".
Saturday we played around the home and played games. Mormon Brigde, Sevens, ping pong, shuffleboard, tennis, volleyball, kickball, etc. were all favorites. Kevin planned a game of water balloon volleyball that was also a hit.
Sunday Herrins left, Kimballs left, and Lance and Diana left. We attended church and in the late evening drove out to see the Sand Dunes.
Monday we cleaned up and headed for home.
It was an absolutely fantastic reunion with all 37 of us present:
Rex and Vicky
Lance, Diana, Ethan and Parker
Lisa, Steve, Cole, Brock, Rhet, Maci, and Ty
Ryan, Heather, Morgan, Makenzie, Makayla, Garrett, Gage, and Madison
Romi, Jason, Paige, Abby and Sydney
Kali, Kevin, Drew, Jaxon, Daria, Trey, and Ryker
Kyle, Kandace, Leila and Eva
Everyone arrived home safely.